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we understand the requirements

of patients with special needs

many patients experience extreme anxiety when they need dental treatment.  this anxiety can be so severe that patients neglect their dental health simply because of the fear of going to the dentist.  for these patients, local anesthesia is insufficient. other patients have certain medical conditions that make completing dental treatment with local anesthetic very difficult or impossible.

pasadena dental care has been treating phobic patients as well as patients with certain medical conditions and pediatric patients successfully with the assistance of I.V. and General Sedation.  Dr. Wyndhamsmith is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist with nearly 30 years of hospital and outpatient experience.  he has treated hundreds of patients and helped them to complete their dental treatment comfortably and safely.  patients can sleep through their entire dental procedures and complete their care without anxiety or discomfort.

our facility is fully certified by the State of California and Dr. Wyndhamsmith utilizes state of the art monitoring equipment to ensure the highest levels of safety during the procedures.

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